Thursday, 17 January 2008

Data Centre Ahoy!

You may have seen the press reports at the end of last week about a US start-up company that plans to launch a fleet of ship-based data centres. A total of 50 are planned, with half based around the US coast and the rest in ports around the world.

These floating data centres will have very good green credentials. For a start they are ex-cargo ships which are being re-cycled for the purpose. Power from on-shore will be supplemented by the ships’ own bio-diesel run generators and sea water will be used to cool the air-conditioning units, with waste heat used to warm the ships’ accommodation.

Whatever you think of the idea (and whether it’s a real plan or just an opportunity for journalists to roll out their seafaring puns) it does demonstrate the potential impact of the green market. Innovative alternative solutions will emerge that offer green benefits to a market that is increasingly pressurised into reducing its carbon footprint. The innovators will not take over the market, but they will set the standards that the rest will have to match.

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