Wednesday, 9 January 2008

House of Carbon

Had a good briefing from Steven Sams earlier today. He's IBM's VP for Site & Facilities Services and spent some time talking through Project Big Green, the company's initiative to reduce energy use in data centres. This is the 'low-hanging fruit' in the green IT sector because the energy reductions are significant and directly relate to cost savings so generally a no-brainer. IBM has, once again, taken an early lead in branding and marketing these new services, although the company is by no means alone.

Perhaps more interesting is the company's broader approach to green issues and opportunities, which currently runs under the label of 'House of Carbon'. The strategy is apparently being developed in the UK and there's limited information published, but there is a presentation on Leadsure's web site that shows the extent of IBM's thinking. It demonstrates the impact and opportunities of green IT, for those who still don't get it (which includes much of the IT analyst community - no one else signed up for today's IBM briefing). The House of Carbon presentation can be seen at Leadsure.

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