Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Intel Leads IT in Green Power Purchase

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a challenge in December 2006 to Fortune 500 companies to collectively purchase more than 5 billion kilowatt hours (KWH) of green power by the end of 2007. Yesterday they reported on the success of the challenge, with 53 companies purchasing more than 6 billion KWH annually.

The power is bought using renewable energy certificates (RECS), which, as I understand it, means that it effectively subsidises renewable energy which would not otherwise be price-competitive. It’s also a means whereby companies can achieve carbon offset.

Anyway, leading the rankings, just ahead of PepsiCo, is Intel, purchasing 1.3 billion KWH. These two buy twice as much green power as third-placed Wells Fargo. It’s also quite interesting to look further down the rankings; Cisco is the second-placed IT company, with a purchase of 374m KWH, whilst IBM purchases 110m, HP 50m, Dell 13m and Apple 9m.

Of course it would be more appropriate to compare companies related to their size, products and services, etc – I’ll try and cover this when I compare how Green IT companies are in a report due out in March.

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