Monday, 28 January 2008

Walmart sets an example

Walmart (the owners of ASDA and one of the largest retailers in the world) may not be the first company that springs to mind when it comes to environmental awareness, but for a couple of years now it has been pushing global retailers to create social and environmental standards for suppliers. Last week it also said that “The company will also require all of its suppliers to meet specific environmental, social and quality standards and it will make compliance with those standards part of its contracts”.

Retailers are at the sharp end of environmental concerns, since customers can make their views felt very quickly. Marks and Spencer’s environment and climate strategy, called Plan A (because there is no Plan B) is a case in point. Whatever the merits of the plan (and I’m assured it is commendable) it will not be an entirely altruistic move by the retailer.

The retail sector’s concerns will be reflected in their attitude to IT suppliers, which in the UK primarily means IBM, Fujitsu Services, Accenture and Capita. With retail increasingly moving to outsourcing, these companies will need to be able to build in carbon reduction forecasts to future retail sector outsourcing contracts if they want to get the business.

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