Friday, 1 February 2008

Disaster Strikes

I guess you’ll have heard about the broken submarine cables that are causing mayhem to internet traffic in the Middle East and India. (By the way, there’s a great diagram of all the world’s undersea internet cables in The Guardian today).

Whilst not directly the fault of global warming (although since it was caused by a ship trying to anchor of the coast of Egypt in bad weather, who knows) it is a warning of the disruption that could be caused by bad weather and other impacts of climate change.

By coincidence it came just three days after we commented on an EDS press release about its Global Services Network. Sure enough EDS has followed up with another press release saying that the company has had no known interruptions of service to any of its clients around the world as a result of the cable break. A good advert.

More significantly, though, is the impact that this is having on business in India. As the country that has dominated the offshore development, outsourcing, support and call centre markets, having online communications dramatically impacted in this way is quite a blow. Again, it highlights the vulnerability of global business to a hostile climate.

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