Friday, 1 February 2008

How Green is Green?

Following on from the previous post, one of the most difficult aspects of reporting on the environmental performance of IT and SITS (Software and IT Services) companies is how to measure their ‘greenness’. It’s a subject we will visit in some detail in a report in the coming months, but one way to judge how serious companies are is to look at their involvement with the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

This not-for-profit organisation basically gathers greenhouse gas emissions data and other information from the world's largest companies on behalf of a group of institutional investors. It’s not the only organisation doing this sort of thing, but it is the largest and its methodology has become something of a standard. Anyway, referring to the previous post, both Microsoft and EDS made disclosures to the annual CDP survey in 2007, although whilst Microsoft has done it for four years (it’s an annual survey) EDS didn’t respond in 2006.

The list of companies that did answer the CDP questionnaire last year is encouraging. Looking at the 20 or so global players that were surveyed only two didn’t take part in 2007. One was Tata Consulting Services (TCS), which hasn’t respond to the questionnaire for the last two years (the only times it has been asked). The second is a bit of a surprise – Apple. It appears the company declined to participate in 2005, responded in 2006, but didn’t respond in 2007. One would have expected more.

By the way, The Green IT Report and Review works closely with Pierre Audoin Consultants (PAC), the leading European IT analyst firm. PAC focuses on the global Software and IT Services Industry (SITSI® is the company’s trade mark) and any references to the SITSI market size and rankings are based on PAC’s research.

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