Thursday, 21 February 2008

Opportunity Knocks

I’ve been out talking to a number of IT companies recently to find out how they are addressing green IT issues. There’s lots of interesting stuff going on, some of which I can’t report back yet, but hopefully will soon.

One thing has struck me more than any other, though. For most IT companies Green IT means that they have to reduce their carbon footprint (which in any case has financial benefits), recycle and be generally environmentally conscious (as indicated in the previous post about Green IT rankings). In this respect effort is becoming organised, co-ordinated and company-wide.

What is much less obvious is the extent to which IT services companies are grasping the opportunities that Green IT offers. This was put in context by a LogicaCMG presentation in which Tony Rooke, their Green IT champion, says that “This is a business change scenario with the effect of Y2K but without the end date”. I couldn’t agree more.

Those in the IT services sector at the time will know that Y2K generated the greatest growth the sector has ever seen – around 25% in the UK in 1998 as the deadline approached. Green IT will not have the same impact because it is open-ended, but it does have the potential to create the same sort of business opportunities over the longer term in things like carbon measurement and monitoring, energy management solutions, asset and property management, wholesale and retail, logistics, transport, travel planning, etc. Those companies who align themselves with the opportunities now – in an organised and co-ordinated way – stand to reap significant benefits, but few seem to have got their act together yet.

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