Friday, 28 March 2008

Traffic Optimisation Software

Here's a good one for those of you that are having trouble envisaging the novel opportunities for IT companies in the green market. There is a conference currently going on in Zurich entitled 'The Internet of Things'. It's a joint industry/academia event looking at how the internet can reach into daily life linking activities and information sources. The conference is sponsored by a lot of ICT players including SAP, Siemens, Google and IBM.

Anyway, one study (from the Technical University of Berlin) discussed during the conference was about systems that could help manage a cars progress in order to reduce CO2 emissions. The concept is that if cars are guided to the right route and at the right speed they can be co-ordinated with traffic lights and avoid any disruption to progress. There would be little impact on arrival time and with much reduced CO2 emissions.

It's a long way down the road, but it shows the possible extent to which we may be driven to reduce emissions and how IT will be an essential part of many of the innovative solutions.

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