Monday, 28 April 2008

Autodesk Sustainable Materials Assistant

Autodesk has introduced a feature with its Inventor design software that helps the designer make better choices with environmental impact in mind, such as; does the design contain toxic materials, is it made from recyclable materials? It has a library that can hold the sustainability properties of materials and can even calculate the entire design's carbon footprint.

It's interesting because it demonstrates several things. Firstly, there will be a wide variety of add-ons like this to all sorts of applications from manufacturing to transport to retail. They will help companies assess the impact of all aspects of their operations and, ultimately, allow dynamic changes to those operations based on set criteria related to emissions, costs, impact of materials, etc. Secondly, it also demonstrates the fact that some industries are already ahead of the game. Manufacturing is on the front line, so will be taking action early. Thirdly, it also demonstrates how central the role of IT will be. IT is deeply embedded in manufacturing these days, so there won't be much 'greening' in the manufacturing sector without it.

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