Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Climate Change Risk by Industry Sector

I've mentioned before that there will be a different emphasis and degree of urgency between industry sectors when it comes to managing emissions. Some sectors, such as the oil and gas industry, are very aware of what's going on and are taking action, retail is subject to consumer demands, transport/logistics are going to face a lot of trouble ahead.

But KPMG has just released a report (Climate Changes Your Business) which puts some of this in context. It combines what it sees as the level of risk from climate change with the degree of preparedness and identifies the sectors that are particularly at danger. The sectors in this 'danger zone' include aviation, health care, tourism, transport, oil and gas and the financial services.

In fact it goes on to say that none of the 18 sectors it looked at were paying sufficient heed to increasing pressure from stakeholders and the potential impact from forthcoming legislation.

It strengthens my own view that IT services companies also need to look at these sectors, identify the best opportunities and align their efforts with the market. It's another area where it will be better to demonstrate vertical sector focus and expertise than trying to spreading capability too thinly.

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