Tuesday, 29 April 2008

CRM for Solar Power

Following on from the previous blog about software for the green economy, here's another one that highlights completely new areas of opportunity.

Clean Power Finance is a San Francisco-based organisation who's mission is to make renewable energy as widely available as possible. The organisation has written some software (CFP Tools) to help solar energy suppliers manage their customer contacts and sales process. This is a web-based solution (which makes it potentially greener in the first place) that holds details of a variety of products, their electrical generating capabilities, tax incentives for installation, local utility electricity rates, proposal generation, finance tracking, etc.

It's not the only company to have software that helps with solar installation, but Clean Power Finance has struck a deal with Conergy, the German renewable energy solutions provider, that will see a co-branded version of CFP Tools delivered to Conergy's extensive network of solar integrators.

Maybe a small example, but you can see the potential for software like this in a range of areas to help make renewable energy decisions.

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