Monday, 21 April 2008

HP gets Eco-Certified Transport

HP is the first company to receive approval from the U.S. EPA to have the SmartWay logo displayed on a selection of its consumer product packaging. The logo signifies Smartway compliance of its surface transportation network.

SmartWay is a voluntary partnership between the EPA and the US freight industry aimed at reducing CO2 emissions by 33 million tons a year by 2012, as well as lowering nitrogen oxide emissions and reducing particulate matter and air toxins. The initiative will apparently result in removing the equivalent of 12 million cars from the road.

In order to display the SmartWay logo, HP must certify its service transportation carrier network is using 100% SmartWay compliant carriers.

At the same time that the Smartway logo was announced the company also said that "In addition, HP is further reducing the environmental impact of the transport of its consumer notebook PCs, which are air shipped from China to consumers and retailers, with a pilot program using plastic shipping pallets".

Now at first sight you might think that this is a retrograde step - swapping bio-degradable wood for land-fill plastic, but in fact the theory is that it prevents de-forestation and in any case the plastic is 98% recyclable. (The only real question is what about the impact of transportation from China - notice the Smartway logo is for surface transport only).

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