Wednesday, 16 April 2008

KPMG Helps Clients go Green

Yesterday KPMG announced its Global Green Initiative, aimed at reducing the organisation's carbon footprint by 25% (from 2007 levels) by 2010 through emission reduction schemes and the use of renewable energy.

KPMG International's Chairman said “KPMG’s Global Green Initiative is centered on three commitments. First, measuring, reducing and reporting KPMG’s carbon footprint; second, supporting environmental projects to help address the challenges of climate change within our wider commitment to our communities, and third, working with our employees, suppliers and clients to help them improve their climate change impacts".

It's the last of these that could end up being most important. KPMG provides audit, tax and advisory (i.e. business consulting) services to its clients. As a tax and audit company it is used to advising clients on compliance and what to do about it. Coming legislation around climate change will represent a big opportunity for the company to help clients meet the legislation.

This is the sort of area that IT services/consultancy companies need to be moving into, or at least partnering around. With the majority of emissions reductions being dependent on some IT element, the company at the top of the food chain that's advising clients on what they should do will have the best opportunity to gain from subsequent contracts.

At the moment the IT services companies I've spoken to seem very cautious, but they'll miss a trick if they don't get their foot in the door quickly.

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