Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Merril Lynch Launches Climate Change Solution

The latest consultancy company to announce a 'green' offering is Merrill Lynch ('one of the world's leading financial management and advisory companies'). The offering is supported by ICF International, a professional services organisation which already offers consulting services and technology solutions in the climate change, environment and other markets.

The service is called Merrill Lynch Green & Gold (I'm not sure why) and is aimed at companies that want to develop a carbon strategy before legislation forces them to. The idea is to pinpoint financial opportunities and to enhance brands in the light of current environmental concerns and 'to help companies identify potential win-win opportunities'. ICF will do the carbon emissions measuring and identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency.

This is the area where IT services companies need to be. By pitching it at the early adopters Merrill Lynch has a ready market that understands what's required and is prepared to commit. And it can make significant win-win proposals, which may not always be the case when legislation kicks in.

When are the IT services companies going to make moves like this? Some major players (IBM and er ...) are talking about what they can do, but few are being this pro-active in their market approach.

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