Friday, 25 April 2008

Taking a Holistic View

Going back to Wednesday's post again, particularly the lack of standards in green data centres, I came across another press release which reinforces the fact that there are no easy green solutions and a holistic view really is essential.

Whilst much of the talk about how to make data centres more green relates to the cooling issue and how to make it more energy-efficient, there is another approach that Intel has adopted for a new Development Design Centre in Haifa, Israel. The LEED-certified facility uses a heat-recovery system to use the heat from the data centre to warm the rest of the building and generate hot water. So rather than try and be more efficient in reducing the heat they just use it elsewhere.

I've said before that turning a company green requires a holistic approach, particularly around energy savings. It's true to say that IT will play a significant part in most of what's required, but it's also true that the IT companies that try to help need to have a much broader view if they want to be able to provide effective advice. What to do about data centre heat is one small example.

IT companies, particularly consultancies and IT services suppliers will really need this broad expertise or will need to rely on close partnerships. At the moment most seem either not to see the need or to believe they know it all.

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