Wednesday, 7 May 2008

By Royal Decree

Well Green IT must be getting important if it appears on the Royal radar.

In a speech to the May Day Business Summit on Climate Change in London, The Prince of Wales pointed to the case of publishing house Reed, which has apparently reduced its PC power use by 80% by replacing 4,500 PCs and 400 lap tops with thin client terminals. An example of a low carbon strategy with a bottom-line benefit.

I'm not sure HRH knew what thin client is, particularly as he went on to say "The mind boggles! I have never heard of that one before". He is, though, a well known environmentalist and he does have a significant audience among business leaders in the UK as well as a Technology Group in The Prince's Trust, a charity group. The comment will not have gone unnoticed (particularly by the likes of Dell).

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