Tuesday, 27 May 2008

HP's Eco Printing Solutions

At the end of last week HP announced a range of actions to help customers reduce the environmental impact of printing. Among the announcements was a printing assessment service for enterprises, more sustainable manufacturing for the paper it sells and uses and a labeling system to indicate the environmental attributes of its products and services.

Some of this is part of the company's Eco Solutions programme, which includes the labelling system, a greater use of auto on/off technology, a Carbon Footprint Calculator for printers, a Laserjet Power Calculator and the ECO Printing Assessment, which helps assess various environmental aspects of printer and paper use.

The company also promised to improve the energy efficiency of its printers by 40% by 2011 (compared with 2005) and to increased the recycled materials in printers by three times by 2010 (relative to 2007).

There's more in the announcement, which you can read here. It's all good stuff and shows how pro-active you can be, but then for HP it's essential. The use of printers is becoming a focus for saving energy and paper. One often cited recommendation for reducing IT energy consumption is to cut the number of printers and have controlled access and usage, which is a sensitive suggestion for HP. The company's Imaging and Printing Group is the most profitable part of the operation - for the last financial year it accounted for 27% of revenue but half of profit.

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