Monday, 19 May 2008

Microsoft and the European Environment Agency

The European Environment Agency (EEA) and Microsoft have formed a five-year partnership to provide access to environmental information across Europe. The idea is to help policy makers and individuals make more informed choices based on environmental information.

The working name for the portal, which is based on Microsoft's Virtual Earth, is the Global Observatory for Environmental Change. It will host scientific data and also observations and other information uploaded by users. It's designed to bring together information on a range of areas, including water, soil, air, ozone indicators, etc. in much more geographic detail than has been available in the past. The idea is to give users the means to compare conditions in European locations and illustrate the effect that particular events have on localities.

This is one of those areas of Green IT that very few companies that I have come across even see as potential for business (the other being Logica). But climate change is happening now, measuring and monitoring the changes to help with policy and business decisions will be an essential part of how we cope with it and IT will be an essential part of that.

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