Tuesday, 6 May 2008

New SAS Software

SAS, the business intelligence software company, has announced SAS for Sustainability Management, a decision-support software platform that proactively identifies strategies to address environmental, social, and economic situations while achieving corporate objectives.

From what I can tell, the idea is that the software reports on three areas of sustainability – environmental, social, and economic - and its predictive functionality allows users to test strategies, identify relationships and forecast scenarios.

Sounds good. This is the sort of application that many corporations or business units will need to use to help with strategy around sustainability. I bet there's quite a bit of detailed work around implementation, though, with lots of fine-tuning at the time of implementation to suite the nature of the business, industry sector and so on. No doubt metrics will change and improve, with the need to upgrade, re-tune, etc . Strikes me that a lot of support will be needed; good for someone.

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