Monday, 9 June 2008

Epson Cuts Emissions

According to ZDNet, Epson plans to reduce its CO2 emissions by 90% by 2050 (compared with current levels). The aim is to reduce emissions 'within the lifecycle of our products'. The company is looking at printer design to reduce part sizes and weights, reusing parts, etc.

The promise seems to have been made by a corporate executive and I can't find hard details (is the 90% products and/or company?), but the fact that it talks about the lifecycle is interesting - I don't recall seeing a promise based on lifecycle emissions before.

The trouble is that this is a promise aimed at 42 years in the future. Who's going to check? Companies need to commit to much shorter term goals to be believable and to enable progress to be tracked. Apart from anything else, the critical point may be much earlier. If we don't hit some hard targets by 2020 we may start to encounter some climate feedback scenarios that could accelerate the problem.

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