Friday, 27 June 2008

Fujitsu Services' New UK Data Centre

Fujitsu has been building a new 'North London' data centre in the UK (35 miles from the capital) which was opened this week. I had a chance to look round it last week and it's pretty impressive.

The details are that it's 65,000 sq ft, built on a brown field site (an existing Fujitsu location) and with a lot of effort put into reducing power usage, much of it through more efficient cooling techniques and the use of 'free cooling', including evaporation towers. In fact the PUE (ratio of total facility energy to IT energy) is 1.6, which is pretty good and compares with a PUE of 2.2 for Fujitsu's existing data centres.

The whole facility is built to the Uptime Institute Tier III standard in design and implementation and in fact will today become the first data centre in Europe (and I think outside of the US) to be independently certified to reach Tier III resilience.

There's a lot of fascinating stuff that's gone into it, creating a compromise between energy use and the need for reliability and security, all of which are essential components in the rapidly growing data centre market.

For me the problem with data centres is in how the energy use (and hence CO2 emissions) can be contained in the light of other demands and long-term growth. And whilst there is a commendable reduction in energy use (as with most new data centres), as Green pressure grows clients will be looking for future (and on-going) savings to help address their corporate targets.

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