Friday, 6 June 2008

HP's Sustainability Lab

Those who have been reading the blog will have noticed the recent announcements coming from IBM and HP's labs about technology they have available to help fight global warming. Sustainability is now one of HP's five major research areas and the Sustainability Lab was officially launched yesterday. Apparently the lab will initially focus on three areas; reducing the carbon footprint of data centres by 75%, replacing copper wire in servers with laser light beams, and tools for measuring and managing the energy used to develop products.

There's a long way to go in squeezing out energy use from IT equipment in data centres, but I find the last of these three objectives most interesting. The company plans to develop tools to measure and manage environmental impact metrics, e.g. carbon emissions, energy usage, etc, so that clients can re-engineer their businesses to be more sustainable. It seems to me that these sorts of solutions have the potential to make the most impact and really show how IT can help. I'm sure others will follow.

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