Tuesday, 17 June 2008

IBM - Energy and Water

IBM made several announcements on Monday.

Firstly, the company has issued a 'call to action' between the IT and utility industries around energy efficiency. The idea is for the utilities to work with corporations on data centre energy use and its reduction. Part of the plan is for IBM to develop a demand management programme to help corporations. It's also working with the utilities industry to reward businesses with Energy Efficiency Certificates, which we mentioned in a previous blog. What's new is that the programme now extends across the entire data centre and facilities, i.e. lighting systems, cooling requirements, etc. New York City power supplier Consolidated Edison is working with IBM on the initiative.

Alongside this announcement was the launch of a new service to help clients identify the most rapid areas of reduction in IT carbon emissions across the infrastructure, including both data centre and distributed infrastructure and also including offices, retail stores, warehouses, etc. Apparently a UK retailer has already saved £120,000 electricity costs and 1,306 metric tonnes of CO2 from the service. The appeal of such a service is obvious, particularly in today's economic climate.

In a separate press release IBM announced the establishment of a Centre of Excellence for Water Management in Ireland. It will focus on monitoring, managing and forecasting environmental challenges such as the movement of pollutants in fresh water, marine and oceanic environments.

All great stuff and reinforces IBM's pre-eminence in services around Green IT, or at least in the PR battle around the market. A look at the blog labels list on the right of the blog shows how much more HP and IBM are active in/talk about this market than other companies. I can't believe other players are not also positioning themselves but they don't seem to be broadcasting it.

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