Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Telcos Demand Greener Equipment

In what I believe may be a foretaste of what's to come in the IT industry, Reuters has reported that at a conference in Las Vagas last week the CTOs from some phone companies said they were looking for better power management from their network equipment. The reasons given were the rising cost of maintaining networks and data centres as traffic increases and the cost of energy climbs. In the Reuters article the At&T CTO is quoted as saying "We've made it clear to them (equipment suppliers) that we need breakthroughs in those areas".

In the growing data centre business (see Monday's blog) energy use is similarly an issue. The IT press in the UK was full of the subject last week, pointing to the rising costs and the fact that power use is consequently becoming more of a measure for data centre pricing. Whilst IT departments are often non-plussed (they haven't been very concerned about power use until recently), pressure will increase significantly as corporations look to cut their carbon emissions and expect suppliers to do the same. Those companies using data centre services will look not only to those that are most energy efficient now, but also expect emissions to reduce over time, in line with their corporate targets. Otherwise they may well move on.

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