Friday, 13 June 2008

WWF - How IT Can Save a Billion Tonnes of CO2

WWF, the wildlife conservation organisation, has been running a Climate Savers group to mobilise companies to cut carbon dioxide emissions by agreeing more ambitious targets than previously promised - HP and IBM are among the companies signed up. Now, though, the organisation has turned its attention to the role of IT in helping reduce carbon emissions and has come up with 10 ways it believes IT can help reduce one billion tonnes of CO2 emissions. The areas are:

- Smart city planning, to make buildings more energy efficient
- Smart buildings, through the use of sensors and controls
- Smart appliances, i.e. using IT components to make appliances more energy efficient
- Dematerialisation, by which they mean electronic rather than physical delivery
- i-Optimisation, or web 2.0-like knowledge management and collaboration
- Smart industry, i.e. using software and design tools to design low energy processes
- Smart grid through smart metering
- Integrated renewable solutions to allow a wide deployment of renewable energy
- Smart work (see the previous blog)
- Intelligent transport to allow less polluting forms of transport

The full report is here.

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