Monday, 28 July 2008

Accenture Green Technology Suite

Accenture has announced a set of tools to help organisations turn their IT Greener. The Green Technology Suite includes:

  • The Green Maturity Model (GMM), which assess the environmental efficiency of IT and suggests improvements. It rates companies on a green maturity spectrum based on responses to 300 questions around five areas; working practices, office environment, data centre, procurement and corporate citizenship.
  • The Data Centre Estimator is used by consultants to suggest energy reduction strategies based on data on air conditioning, power distribution, hardware components, etc.
  • The Workplace Estimator helps the adoption of a Greener IT culture through recycling, energy saving, better procurement, etc.

This is a pretty comprehensive set of tools described as offering a 'holistic view across the entire IT organisation' and they may well be very effective in achieving that. I just wonder whether this is focusing too much on the technology.

Firstly, can it be truly holistic without looking at other parts of the organisation, such as the broader energy use in facilities, re-using energy/CHP solutions? IT is a small part of a bigger picture. Secondly, this 'bigger picture' accounts for a 98% of emissions, so it might be more cost-effective to look beyond the IT department to how technology can help create more efficient supply chain, optimised logistics, etc. I guess Accenture offers help there as well, but from recent meetings and press releases the management of technology seems to be the main focus.

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