Monday, 21 July 2008

CDP-IBM Guide to Carbon Management

The CDP(Carbon Disclosure Project) and IBM have produced a Best Practice Guide to carbon management under the title of Making Advances in Carbon Management. The full document is available here. The report apparently stems from the sharing of experiences between some 'carbon leaders' earlier this year around how they gather their GHG emissions data, what they measure, how far they have gone in the process and what the experience has been like.

It's not completely clear to me what the purpose of the document is, but apparently the intention is 'to stimulate debate about the new business process of carbon information management and to further the development of creative carbon information management strategies'.

The report looked at five key themes which emerged during the research:

- correct definitions are vital;
- engaging with stakeholders is key;
- carbon information management is a process in development;
- the emerging role of the carbon information manager;
- the role of the carbon information is both control and influence.

To be frank, I think the first three of these are pretty obvious to anyone involved in the area, but the last two are quite interesting. There will undoubtedly be a need for what might be called Carbon Information Managers (or similar) in the future. I've met a number of people who hold these responsibilities in IT companies and they come from a variety of backgrounds. The common element is commitment. But I think it's clear that there are not enough of them around and there is a shortage of people with the knowledge and experience to take on the role. (Indeed there is a shortage of qualified people in the Green economy as a whole).

Anyway, the role is central, but not straightforward, as this diagram from the report indicates:

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