Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Rackspace Survey

Rackspace, the US hosting company, has conducted the second of its Green surveys among its customers - the first was in September last year.

One finding is that a higher number of respondents were less prepared to pay extra to use a Green vendor (I'm not sure how that's defined). That's no real surprise in an economic downturn, but I would have thought even less relevant in the hosting context. A Green data centre provider should be one that reduces power use significantly, which would reduce price. Why pay more?

Another point is that a higher proportion are unwilling to sacrifice server performance for lower carbon emissions. This is very much along the lines of conversations that I've had. No one is prepared to sacrifice performance in general and security in particular for the sake of a Greener organisation. It's one reason why IT energy use is destined to keep on rising in the coming years whatever we do.

Interestingly, the proportion that felt that environmental legislation would have an impact on their business rose from 29% to 46% (although fewer thought it would 'greatly' impact their business). There seems to be a growing realisation that legislation is going to be a major factor.

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