Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Wal-Mart Traceable Supply Chain

Wal-Mart is already cited as an example of a company that has introduced strict environmental guidelines for suppliers. Back in January the company said it would require all of its suppliers to meet specific environmental, social and quality standards and would make compliance with those standards part of its contracts.

The company has now extended that action by introducing a line of jewelry that can be traced from the mine to the store shelf. The online information source also gives details of the suppliers' environmental and social programmes. The idea is to sell more product sourced from mines and manufacturers that meet its environmental and human rights standards, with a view to ensuring that all of its US jewelry is eventually sourced from a supply chain that meets its sustainability standards.

It just shows the extent to which the supply chain is becoming involved in the efforts of major corporations to make their operations more sustainable. IT suppliers are not going to be exempt from this trend.

It also emphasises the effort that will be required by many companies, particularly retail, in tracking, recording and conveying the source and supply chain information. An opportunity for more complex retail/supply chain solutions backed up with detailed source information.

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