Monday, 11 August 2008

Fastest Green Supercomputers are Blue

IBM has put out a press release pointing out that it dominates the rankings for Green supercomputers.

The Green 500 list (from ranks supercomputers on MFlops/W and in the last list (published in June) IBM occupied the top 15 positions in the rankings. The winner is at IBM Germany; a BladeCenter QS22 Cluster, PowerXCell 8i 3.2 Ghz, Infiniband and clocked in at 488.14 MFlops/W.

Since you ask, the 500th place is taken by The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory with its Intel Itanium2 Tiger4 1.4GHz - Quadrics which came in at 4.06 MFlops/W

It doesn't mean much to me (and apologies if I have misrepresented the data), but it's nice to know someone is noting these things (but the top 500?!)

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