Thursday, 21 August 2008

The Majority of US Companies are Going Green

I sometimes wonder whether if all the effort put into surveying attitudes to environmental questions were put into actually solving them the world would already be a better place. Still, I suppose it helps convince the sceptics and also demonstrates the benefits to business of following the trend.

Anyway, the 14th annual 'Attitudes to the American Workplace' poll conducted by Zogby International for The Marlin Company has found that the majority of employees report 'significant Green initiatives' at their company. There were two other interesting responses, though.

Firstly, when asked 'Who is Greener, you or your company?', 63% said that they were and only 26% said their company was. Then when asked how important it is that their employer is going Green, 78% said that it is somewhat or very important. So there is pressure on employers to live up to employee expectations. We have made it clear in our own research that employees are a particularly important company stakeholder when it comes to going Green. Companies that do not live up to employee expectations face potential impact on the recruitment and retention of staff.

The second point of note was that when asked why they think companies go Green the highest response was 'to save money', but it was from only 24%. A further 22% said it was because they want positive publicity and 17% said it was because they have a true social responsibility. Now some of that might be good PR from employers, but it does back up the manufacturing sector research I reported the other day, which put cost benefit as the fourth-ranked benefit of Green manufacturing. Even in these tightened economic times, cost reduction is not the runaway reason for going Green.

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