Friday, 1 August 2008

Supply Chain Execs Watch the Carbon

According to a survey from US organisation eyefortransport (which describes itself as the world's leading provider of logistics and transportation information and services), 60% of supply chain executives are measuring their transportation and logistics emissions.

The finding comes from a the 'Green Transportation and Logistics North American 2008 Report', which was the result of a survey of 500 North American supply chain executives. A total of 85% of respondents felt that green issues would become more important over the next three years, with 9% identifying green issues as their number one priority during that time frame.

But research from Transport Intelligence and Kewill seems to show that many companies are passing on the responsibility to suppliers. The Logistics and Transport Industry Environmental Survey, which had 450 respondents from around the world, found that 75% of those who awarded logistics contracts required some environmental compliance in their tender documents, although most didn't allow for any extra cost in the process. Of those that were awarded contracts, 70% said environmental compliance was important.

When asked about specific areas for Green initiatives, transportation was the main area, e.g. driver training, hybrid engines and better management of empty running. Not far behind (25% of responses) was more efficient planning though IT tools and increased administration efficiencies.

This does seem to be a Green market with huge IT potential. At the moment it seems to be mostly around ticking boxes for good practice, but there will be rapidly increasing pressure in the coming years and IT will be a central tool in meeting customer demands.

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