Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Carbon Trust's UK Success

The Carbon Trust has reported that it has helped UK businesses save £1bn and cut carbon emissions by 17 million tonnes since its inception in 2001. The organisation was set up by the Government to accelerate the move to a low carbon economy by helping organisations reduce emissions and develop commercial low carbon technologies.

Businesses working with the Carbon Trust apparently cut their carbon footprint by around two million tonnes last year, up half a million tonnes compared to the previous year. An important part of the success has been the support for smaller businesses. In 2007/08, the organisation provided £40m of support to SMEs and since 2005 it has helped smaller businesses to save almost one million tonnes of carbon and implement more than £100 million of direct cost savings.

The Carbon Trust is important in the UK because of the way it spreads good practice. The problem is if this advice becomes diluted. Several of the IT services players are now providing advice to the market on carbon emissions based on their own experiences which were themselves helped by the Carbon Trust. But companies are different and what works for an IT supplier may not work for its clients.

The Carbon Trust can't be everywhere, but there are a number of specialist consultancies that can provide the environmental expertise required for a holistic view. The IT players would do well to partner with them. That's particularly true of the SME market, where the large IT services players have never done well at the best of times.

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