Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Cray's New Cooling Technology

Cray, the supercomputer company, has announced a new liquid cooling technology that it claims will allow computers to run faster than ever whilst still saving energy. It will begin shipping later this year.

The issue is that CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioner) units are pretty inefficient at the best of times and for high-end computers take a lot of power and space. Chilled water in the cabinets is better, and Cray's solution uses chilled water, but apparently much less of it. (For those who want more technical details, see the press release).

To quote from the press release "The ECOphlex technology is designed to be 'room air neutral', meaning that the temperature of the air entering the system is roughly the same as the temperature of the air exiting the system."

It's nice to see even the specialist manufacturers doing their bit. (Cray also points out that its cabinets have been re-usable for some time, so there's no need for wholesale replacement - not that supercomputers get upgraded that often).

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