Thursday, 25 September 2008

Data Centre Green Audit - just £2,500

Data centre consultancy Migration Solutions has launched a tool, called the Environmental Report and Audit (ERA), designed to give an all-round view of the environmental impact and performance of data centres.

Migration Solutions provides general consulting around data centres, including design and build, migration and operation. (I may be showing my age here, but when and why did a computer room become a data centre?). Anyway, they've come up with a pretty comprehensive tool to assess data centres on a number of environmental criteria, including facilities, layout, cooling, power used, efficiency, safety, operation, etc. The tool checks over 120 different aspects and comes up with a percentage score that can also be compared with previous audits (the company has done 20 so far). It also gives indications of actions to take to improve things.

The best thing about this tool is that it comes from a small, independent company with a wealth of experience in the market with no real axe to grind and they only charge £2,500 (they see it as a loss leader).

Alex Rabbetts, MD of Migration Solutions, who I met on Tuesday to talk about the ERP tool, pointed out that most companies couldn't fail to recoup the cost of the tool if they adopt the recommendations that come out of using it.

He did, though, express some disappointment that companies were only really looking to save money by using the tool, rather than out of environmental concern. It's a view I sympathise with, but I'm also confident that the impact of stakeholder concerns (customers, shareholders/investors, employees, etc) will trickle down organisations so that the environmental impact will become an end in itself. And don't forget, legislation is coming ...

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