Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Global Action Plan's Green IT Debate

You may recall that environmental charity Global Action Plan established the Environmental IT Leadership Team (EITL), an advisory group of major ICT users looking to make the use of ICT more efficient, and that the EILT produced a report, released in December 2007, entitled An Inefficient Truth. If you haven't read it you should take a look here - it's worth a read. (I talked to Trewin Restorick, CEO of Global Action Plan and Chair of EITL earlier this year about the report for my research).

The view is that computer users are being swamped by a mixed bag of messaging from a range of ‘expert' companies offering green IT products, services and advice. An Inefficient Truth was an attempt to address the issue and Global Action Plan/EITL is now pulling together an expert panel to debate some of the questions facing IT professionals.

The event, in London on October 7th, will be a Question Time format with questions posed to a panel of hardware and software manufacturers and government representatives (MoD, HP, BT, Cisco, IBM, Sun, SOCITM). The aims is to enable IT users to get a better understanding of the environmental credentials of the main vendors, to provoke discussion and debate around areas of specific environmental concern and interest to IT users and to consider ways that the relationship between vendors, users and regulators can be better enhanced to promote greener IT solutions.

Apparently, to win a place at the event you need to send a question to the panel in advance to rebecca.haslam@globalactionplan.org.uk. But I hope they also let other IT suppliers in to hear what the users are asking, or publish the questions and answers. It seems a bit of a waste of time if only a diverse handful of vendors are there. It could be fascinating, though, and I would try to be there if I didn't have to be somewhere else.

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