Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The I-O Case for Thin Client

The I-O Corporation provides thin client technology so it's not surprising that the company is pushing its solutions as a Green alternative to PCs.

I-O claims that its Pro|Edge thin clients consume 1/16th of the power of standard desktop PCs - the company's table below gives some examples.

To be fair, the company also quotes the Fraunhafer Institute, which apparently conducted a study that showed that if a medium-sized enterprise with 300 workstations switched 75% of them to thin clients they could save more than 148 tons of CO2 over five years (equivalent to a Volkswagen Golf circling the earth 27 times - it seems that these sort of car-equivalents are the only way we can understand the quantities of emissions).

Of course a lot depends on what's going on at the server end, but this isn't discussed in any detail in the I-O paper, except to say that virtualisation is making the client-server process more efficient. But you really need to take a holistic view across the solution.

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