Friday, 24 October 2008

CSR Rankings

The Boston College Center for Corporate Citizenship and Reputation Institute have produced a ranking of the top 50 companies in the US according to their CSR reputations. The rankings are based on a survey of the general public looking at perceptions of how a company behaves towards its employees, other companies it works with or competes with, and the local and global community. The US top 150 companies were included (plus some others with a known CSR reputation) and the survey was conducted before the recent economic turmoil.

Because the general public provides the data, consumer organisations tended to do well, with fewer pure business-to-business companies in the top 50. However, the computer industry did stand out in the rankings. The highest placed company overall was Google. Other IT companies in the top 50 included Micrsoft in 10th place, Intel (11th), Apple (16th), Adobe (21st), IBM (30th), HP (38th), Cisco (41st), Sun (43rd) and Dell 49th.

It's heartening to see IT doing so well. It reflects the fact that the industry knows that it will be an essential part of sustainable business in the future, particularly around climate change, and most companies have accepted that you can't help clients behave better until you have your own house in order.

My one reservation is that IT companies don't have all the answers. Some seem to think that success in one area means they are the experts in all things CSR/Green related. 'Holistic' is the watchword and IT companies often need to partner with the experts to get it right.

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