Friday, 17 October 2008

EDS (an HP company)

I met up with EDS yesterday to talk about their strategy around environmental issues, both the greening of their internal activities and their customer offerings. It was an interesting discussion and the company does seem to be addressing the issues much more than seemed to be the case previously. The acquisition by HP doesn't seem to have had any direct impact as yet.

I've been a bit scathing about ED's environmental efforts in the past but I think a lot of that was due to the lack of good information/PR coming out of the company and what there was came from the US and sounded odd to European ears. Now there is some responsibility in the regions and the message is getting across much better.

The company does have a CO2e reductions target, although it wasn't set out in the recent CDP response. The aim is to reduce emissions by 25% on 2006 levels by 2010 and, with the help of the Rocky Mountain Institute, the company has identified a 35% achievable reduction in the longer term. A lot of this will be met through addressing energy use in facilities, particularly data centres.

The main thrust on the client side is really to expand on those things that EDS already does well, which falls into four areas; hosting, applications, desktop and consulting. The company's approach is simply to be able to talk knowledgeable to clients about the various aspects of these services that can make their businesses more efficient and hence greener. It's putting a Green value-add on existing services, helped by greater consulting capability and possibly partnering with some specific sustainability expertise.

There is one interesting diagram the company uses to demonstrate the power wastage in creating an IT business transaction. It is the various steps along the way that EDS, and indeed all IT services companies, are addressing:

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