Monday, 13 October 2008

"Green Collar Workers" are a Force to be Reckoned With

In various reports and papers I've written about Green IT I've talked about the stakeholders that are driving companies to become more environmentally friendly (until legislation becomes more of a focus - see previous post). Those stakeholders include customers, investors and employees, but the last of these tends to be ignored. So it's good to see some research from Fujitsu Siemens which makes the point.

The company carried out a survey (of more than a thousand people in September 2008) that revealed that 51% of respondents had regularly lobbied their employers to encourage more Green practices, such as procurement of Green IT systems and energy saving and recycling. This figure has almost doubled since they carried out a similar survey in 2005.

So if you're an IT company that needs any of the skills that are currently in short supply, take note. Recruiting and retraining the right people may be that much harder if you're not as Green as your competitors (and if candidates chose to go somewhere else that's bad PR for you).

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