Wednesday, 22 October 2008

IT’s Role in Reducing Fleet Emissions

There was an article in the Financial Times last week that pointed out how IT can help reduce transport fleet emissions. (It began with the comment “ ..(IT) managers can do far more than just cut their own emissions – they are excellently placed to help increase the environmentally friendly credentials of the whole organisation”. I’ve been making that point since this blog began, but since it’s in the Financial Times it must now be true!)

Anyway, the article (which is here) pointed out that the easiest way to make transport fleet improvements is through using things like satnav and mobile phones. Integrating them with IT systems, i.e. using tracking and telematics with office-based scheduling and reporting systems, is easier and cheaper than playing around with the fleet itself.

The only possible down side, as the article points out, is that individuals feel their own activities are being monitored. People, need to be reassured in advance about the benefits, both to the individual and the company.

I very much agree that this is the way things will go. These are the sorts of quick and relatively easy solutions that we will see much more of, particularly if there is a clear short-term ROI to projects and solutions. It may not be sold as Green, but that’s what it is.

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