Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Met Office Supports HSBC

An interesting press release from the Met Office, the UK's weather bureau, yesterday announced an agreement under which it will provide weather and climate change information to HSBC's fund managers. The Met Office "will provide high-level independent advice to enable fund managers ... to reduce the risks from both natural and man-made climate change on their investments".

It's interesting because it's a clear example of how climate change will become a part of corporate decision-making. If it affects investments then it impacts businesses and corporations will want to know how and when. It won't just be long-term, either. Data on weather (and its impact) will become increasingly important in formulating a supply chain strategy and short-term logistics decisions, for example. It will increasingly become a part of the information services that corporations receive and feed into everyday decision-making.

This is one of the areas that often gets ignored in discussions around Green IT, but just monitoring what's happening and accessing the data will become increasingly important and software and solutions providers need to take note.

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