Sunday, 9 November 2008

Another Green IT Survey

Extreme Networks and Data Integration have released the results of their first annual Green IT survey in the UK (shouldn't you really wait until the second one before claiming it's annual?). I don't know how many people were asked or who they were, but IT Backbones has published some of the results, which were:

- 43% of businesses cited Green IT as important to their organisations
- 51% of respondents said they were unsure whether their organisations had sustainability goals for Green IT
- 64% of respondents cited Green IT as a requirement when purchasing new IT equipment.
- 49% of organisations cited reduced operational costs as the main driver for greening IT operations.
You would think this was fairly encouraging. The importance of Green could be higher, but the fact that reducing operational costs is a main driver is no surprise.

The real disappointment, though, is that only 20% of respondents said they actively measured IT-related energy use and costs. All this is pretty pointless if your not measuring the IT energy impact. You would think that by now CEOs and Finance Directors would have cottoned on to the need for IT departments to account for their energy. Even if it's just in PR terms, reducing IT energy use and not recording the change is pretty dumb.

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