Friday, 21 November 2008

CSR Reports - never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width

PR company Spada has released a report which confirms my suspicions about some CSR reports. I've pointed out in previous blogs how long CSR reports have become - only last week IBM released it's offering which came in at just under 100 pages online. The danger is that someone would actually print it. Anyway, this analysis from Spada focuses on the UK FTSE 100 and it seems to me that in general reports are shorter in the UK (and Europe) than in the US.

According to Spada the average length of the FTSE 100 CSR reports was 21 pages, but the longer they are the more chance of winning an award; the reports of winners of the Business in The Community (BITC) Top 100 award average 25 pages, reports of Global 100 award winners are 26 pages and those of the CDP Climate Leaders are an average 30 pages in length.

There was only one company classified in the technology sector in the report and that was software company Sage, who's CSR report was apparently just two pages long. (There were several telecoms companies, including BT and Vodafone, with an average of 21 pages in their reports).

One last point made by Spada; of the 79 organisations from the FTSE 100 which use the term “sustainability” in their corporate responsibility reporting, only three define what they mean by it. Not a good start!

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