Monday, 17 November 2008

World Business Summit on Climate Change, 24-26 May 2009

You may be (or indeed should be) interested to know that six months before the UN climate conference in Copenhagen in December 2009, the Copenhagen Climate Council is organising the World Business Summit on Climate Change, which will bring together the business community and the world's top scientists, economists, civil society, media leaders, government representatives and other leading thinkers to put forward recommendations for the next international framework on climate change.

The Copenhagen Climate Council is a collaboration between international business and science founded by the Scandinavian think tank, Monday Morning (is that the best time for thinking?). The summit is on May 24-26 in Copenhagen - more details here.

This Climate Council and the summit both sound like good ideas. It does seem that business is driving the climate change issue as much as governments are, particularly in the IT sector. Whilst legislation will have a big impact, arguably it will only really be successful if governments work hand-in-hand with business.

In any case, I also came across a paper presented at the CESifo Summer Institute 2008 in a workshop on 'Europe and Global Environmental Issues'. The paper, which you can read here, highlights the many problems in reaching an agreement at the UN climate conference at the end of 2009. Hopefully the business community can add its weight.

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