Monday, 22 December 2008

Carbon Trading for Shipping

In another example of industry taking responsibility for what governments seem unable to do, the Chamber of Shipping, which represents UK-based commercial shipping, is advocating an open emissions trading scheme for global shipping.

According to the organisation, the emissions from carrying a ton of freight by ship is a tenth of that by road and just one hundredth of the emissions from air transport. Nevertheless, because so much freight is carried by sea, shipping produces nearly 3% of total carbon emissions.

The problem is, as the President of the UK Chamber of Shipping pointed out, because ships move between countries there is no effective way to include shipping in a national carbon emissions reduction process. Shipping is, therefore, (along with international air travel) one of the last significant global industries to remain outside any governmental framework for the reduction of carbon emissions. The UK’s Climate Change Bill will bring in monitoring of emissions from shipping, but it's not clear how and as yet there are no emissions reduction targets.

If it comes about then it will be another factor to build into international logistics management systems.

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