Tuesday, 2 December 2008

GreenFactor Survey - Green Perception

GreenFactor describes itself as a joint initiative between Strategic Oxygen and Cohn & Wolfe to illuminate 'green' marketing opportunities and further 'green'-focused research on a global scale.

The organisation has released the results of a survey of 10,000 adults in 12 major markets looking at issues around Green electronics.

There is an interesting chart that compares the survey results of the perception of companies (in the US) with Greenpeace's recent assessment of electronics manufacturers (see my recent blog). It shows that PR, and its resulting company perception, is very different from the reality.

Companies ranked highly in terms of perception by the US respondents are Dell, HP, Apple and Microsoft, whilst losers, i.e. companies were the perception is much lower than the Greenpeace 'reality', include Nokia, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, Panasonic, Lenovo and Philips.

Whilst you could put this down to the PR effort (not to say greenwashing) it may just be a lack of knowledge. The scoring seems more to reflect general product perception and favours local suppliers - the top four are all US companies. (The three highest scorers on Greenpeace's assessment were Nokia, Samsung and Sony). Another finding in the survey seems to back this up. Lack of awareness was given as the number one barrier to Green sales - brands are not adequately educating customers on how environmentally-friendly their products are.

The full list of companies by perception of how Green they are is shown below and more details of the survey are here.

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