Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Association of Climate Change Officers

Two environmental lawyers in the US plan to launch what is provisionally called the Association of Corporate Climate Change Officers (ACCCO), although the name may change before the launch, planned for 6-18 months time. Their web site is here.

The first issue is defining what a climate change officer's role is (hence the issue around the name) but the founders point out that responsibility is increasingly being assigned at board level.

The idea is that the body will focus on developing the role of the corporate managers responsible for climate change, provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and best practice and help promote corporate activities around climate change to the public as a whole.

This is an inevitable development as climate change gains corporate importance, but it will also have a significant impact in focusing efforts. The more clearly internal responsibility is defined the more visible will be corporate efforts. It will also be helpful to suppliers in identifying where corporate responsibility sits (which was one aspect of my Green briefing with Infor last week - more of that in a later blog).

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