Friday, 16 January 2009

News catch-up:

- Whilst Apple got credit for launching more environmentally friendly products at the Macworld show, the company has come under fire for not publishing a CSR report. The company's board (which includes Al Gore) recommended that shareholders vote against a resolution for a separate CSR report on the grounds that sufficient information is provided on its web site. This is bucking a trend that will see a top companies in Denmark legally required to provide CSR data in their annual reports from the start of 2010.

- On its developers network Microsoft publishes The Architecture Journal, described as "an independent platform for free thinkers and practitioners of IT architecture". The latest version is all about Green Computing. It's pretty deep stuff, but a good resource for serious practitioners. It's free and here.

- Victor Creative Media, part of the JVC group, will apparently (according to Tech-On) shortly be producing CD/DVD cases made from a mixture of non-food rice and plastic resin. So it uses less carbon in production and disposal. Every little helps

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