Monday, 19 January 2009

US Economic Stimulus Bill - Green Opportunities

As you may know, the Democrats have proposed an $825bn package of measures to help stimulate the US economy, through $550bn to create jobs and $275bn in tax cuts.

The measures include significant environmental investment with IT implications. It's worth reading the complete list on the Reuters web site, but the measures include:

Highways, Rail, Transportation:

  • $19bn for clean water, flood control and environmental restoration.
  • $10bn for transit, rail to cut traffic congestion and gas consumption.
  • $6bn to buy buses and equipment for public transit.
  • $31bn to modernise federal and other public infrastructure with investments for long-term energy savings.
  • $11bn for research and development, pilot projects and federal matching funds to modernise electricity grids.
  • $8bn for loans for renewable energy power generation and transmission projects.
  • $6.9bn for state and local governments to improve energy efficiency.
  • $6.7bn for renovations and repairs to federal buildings, especially for energy efficiency improvements.
  • $2.4bn for carbon capture and sequestration technology demonstration projects.
  • $2bn for advanced vehicle battery loan guarantees and grants.
  • $500 million for energy-efficient manufacturing demonstration projects.
Environment, water resources:
  • $4.5bn for environmental restoration, flood protection, hydropower, and navigation infrastructure.

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